Command Post IRCC 2017

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All of the benefits of our Command Post IR, but with Cruiser Control technology. With ten micro-adjust positions, you'll always be able to find just the right one for descending or climbing.

Patented mechanical locking system with the addition of Cruiser Control Technology.
Cruiser Control technology features added positions in the cruiser control range.
Bonded lightweight aluminum micro-adjustable “alien” style head.
Dual-keyway system eliminates saddle wiggle.
Energized triple-lip wiper prevents contamination.
Durable zero-gap, dual-lip x-ring internal seal ensures long-term durability.
30.9mm and 31.6mm seat post diameters.
Three lengths of travel:
o 75mm
o 100mm
o 125mm
Ships with SRL and grip mounted lever.


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