YETI SB 4.5 Ramme

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1. The SB4.5 delivers 4.5 inches (114mm) of travel with our patented Switch Infinity Technology. Efficient pedaling performance while still smooth and continuous when the going gets rough.

2. High modulus carbon provides a stiff, strong and light weight chassis. (5.4 lbs)

3. Colleted pivot axles help create a stiff interface between the front and rear triangles of the frame. Custom Enduro Max sealed bearings keep things moving freely at the pivots.

4. The SB4.5 does away with the front derailleur mount, making it a 1x drive specific frame. This increases stiffness in the frame, making the SB4.5 one of the stiffest bikes in our lineup.

5. Using our inset head tube on the SB4.5 allows for a larger head tube with more area, increased stiffness, and lower overall ride height without compromising any performance.

6. The SB4.5 uses a 2 inch stroke, 7.5 inch eye to eye Float EVOL shock, by Fox Racing Shox.

7. Custom guards on the seat stay, chain stay and down tube keep things quiet while riding and protect the frame.

8. The SB4.5 features internal routing for all cables, making the bike quiet and clean looking as well as reducing cable rub on the paint.

9. Dedicated 12 x 148 Boost dropouts and integrated hanger with axle threads for strength, stiffness, ease of hanger and wheel installation.


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