Venge Pro Disc

Har ingeniørkunsten snart toppen udviklingen ? Det kan man næsten kun tro når man ser på denne Specialized Venge Pro !

Hvis du kigger efter en komplet racercykel, så er den nye Venge blevet vores fortrukkende. Vi bevæger os mere og mere over i aerodynamsiske finesser, i det man har flyttet normerne som tidligere har være kendetegnet for de traditionelle bjerg-racere.


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Hos Rold Skov Cykel Shop vægter vi den personlige rådgivning højt, når du skal købe ny cykel. Det gør vi for at sikre dig, at du får den helt rigtige cykel, der passer perfekt til dig og dine behov. Vi sælger derfor ikke cykler på vores webshop.

Del produktet


If you're looking for an all-out, wicked-fast race bike, look no further than the Venge ViAS Pro Disc. Every facet of it was born in our Win Tunnel, so it's insanely stiff and snappy and has a 116-second advantage, compared to the Tarmac SL5, over 40km.

In our Win Tunnel, every tube, trailing edge, and design cue was made for speed. It's also Rider-First Engineered™ to ensure that every frame size experiences uniform performance. Front-end stiffness, meanwhile, was increased by 30% over the Tarmac.

For this iteration of the Venge, however, we spec'd it with a traditional stem and our S-Works Aerofly handlebars. And while there is a slight loss in aerodynamics with this configuration, it makes set-up and changes to the overall fit far easier than with the ViAS system. Of course, this disc version of the Venge also changes the game with undeniable stopping power without any penalty to the aerodynamic profile, so you get powerful hydraulic disc braking without any sacrifices.

Then there's the crisp and ever-precise Shimano Dura-Ace groupset and Roval CL 64 wheels that amplify the overall performance of this race rig. So when it comes to racing, the Venge Pro refuses to be outdone.


  • The Rider-First Engineered™, FACT 11r frame design has made the Venge the stiffest, most aerodynamic bike that we’ve ever created. Every tube shape, trailing edge, and design cue was influenced by hours of testing in our Win Tunnel, computational fluid dynamics, 3D printed prototypes, and real-world rider feedback. And ultimately, this resulted in the fastest bike we’ve ever made.
  • Designed in our Win Tunnel, the fork features a top-end S-Works FACT 11r carbon construction that helps to cut through air like a hot knife through butter.
  • A 52/36T S-Works crankset is incredibly stiff, with a chainring grouping that's equally suited to big alpine climbs as it is to throwing down the gauntlet on the flats.


  • ramme FACT 11r carbon, Rider-First Engineered™, Win Tunnel Engineered, internal cable routing, 12x142mm thru-axle, carbon OSBB, flat disc mount
  • Forgaffel S-Works FACT 11r carbon, full monocoque
  • For hjul Roval CL 64 Disc rim, Roval AFD1, Centerlock, 21h
  • Baghjul Roval CL 64 Disc rim, Roval AFD2, Centerlock, DT Swiss 240 internals, 11-speed, 12x142mm thru-axle, 24h
  • Slanger 700x18/25mm, 80mm Presta valve
  • Fordæk S-Works Turbo, 120 TPI, folding bead, BlackBelt protection, 700x26mm
  • Bagdæk S-Works Turbo, 120 TPI, folding bead, BlackBelt protection, 700x26mm
  • Klinge 52/36T
  • Krankboks Praxis 6806 bearings
  • Cykelstyr S-Works Aerofly
  • Tape S-Wrap w/ Sticky gel
  • Sadel Power Expert, 143mm, nylon base, synthetic leather, hollow titanium rails
  • Sadelpind Specialized Venge Aero seatpost, FACT carbon
  • Saddel klemme Specialized Venge assembly
  • Pedaler Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose balls w/ reflectors

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