Nimbus Sport

The Nimbus has a smooth tread that rolls fast and provides a perfect fit for the person looking to get around town. Offered in narrow sizes, various levels of puncture protection and a dynamic tread pattern, the Nimbus is an attractive and confident choice for all roads and bike paths.

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  • Casing: 60 TPI
  • Bead: wire
  • Compound: 70a
  • Flat Protection: BlackBelt
  • 26" x 1.5; psi 35-80; approximate weight 650g
  • 700 x 28; psi 115-125; approximate weight 560g
  • 700 x 32; psi 75-100; approximate weight 620g
  • 700 x 35; psi 75-100; approximate weight 680g
  • 700 x 38; psi 75-100; approximate weight 710g


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